About the Rooms

The tea-house inspired floor seated rooms are made to suit each season, and allow your to look out on the Sea of Japan.
The sun setting on the horizon, the light from the lighthouse. The shining lights of the fishing fires over the nighttime sea.
The rough waves crashing, and the snowscape that disappears into the water.
Enjoy the northern cuisine along with the seasonal spring blossoms, cold winter, brilliant light,
or quietly peaceful scenery of the Hashikakekawa River.

We offer a number of tea-house styled rooms rich with Japanese architecture.
Each has its own atmosphere, and is full of the traditional beauty of Japanese architecture, down to the finest details.

Hospitality for your Special Day

Everyone has their own special occasions in their lives. Kuizome, graduation celebrations, adulthood celebrations,
weddings, and 99th birthday celebrations deserve their own special dish.
We will also help with mournful occasions, such as those on the forty-ninth day after a person's death,
and anniversaries of the death of a loved one.


For wedding ceremonies/inter-family greetings/wedding gift exchanges

A wedding is the most happy day of a person’s life. We will help you celebrate by providing the perfect dish for the day, so that you will be able to remember it forever. We are also great for introducing families to one another, and dinners after the exchange of gifts.

Auspicious Events

For Kuizome/first shrine visits/99th birthday celebrations

We offer seating for memorable events such as 99th birthdays, graduation and entrance ceremony parties, and family anniversaries, as well as events to celebrate the health of your children, such as Kuizome and first shrine visits. We will prepare a delicious banquet meal for those you love the most.

Buddhist Events

For Buddhist events or occasions

We serve delicious, seasonal Japanese cuisine for Buddhist events to mourn those who have passed, such as the 49th day after one’s passing, and the anniversary of the passing of a loved one.
We offer rooms comfortable for everyone from young children to the elderly.


Banquets/business and family dinners/tea outings

We offer a number of seats for business or important family dinners, as well as daily lunch usage. We will prepare every meal earnestly to suit the season. We will treat you with hospitality, and offer you a seat in our refined Japanese establishment.